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StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

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StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

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Eliminate fires in seconds with the StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher

StaySafe is a lightweight recyclable plastic aerosol fire extinguisher and a more practical and solution compared to traditional metal canister.

Why should I choose the StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher?

Accidental fires of all different types can start. With a bewildering choice of traditional metal canisters designed for only one or two different types of fire, how do you ensure you have the right one to hand?

Introducing StaySafe!

Should the worst happen, StaySafe is quick to deploy and tackles 5 different types of fire, wherever you are at home, in the car, at work or enjoying the great outdoors!


StaySafe puts out 5 different types of fire: electrical, cooking oil, textiles, petrol/diesel and paper/card. Its ideal for wherever a fire might start - and its perfect for the DIY'er or tradesperson, providing peace of mind while they work.

  • Perfect for the toolbox, glove compartment, garage, shed, kitchen drawer or cupboard

  • The first and only fully recyclable plastic aerosol extinguisher

  • StaySafe's unique, fully certified and accredited fluid puts out fires in seconds

  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly fluid - safe for the user and the environment