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BBQ Safety Checklist

BBQ Safety Checklist

Whatever the Time of Year, BBQ Safety Matters

People are increasingly firing up the grill throughout the year, no matter the weather. Chalk it up to Brits braving whatever Mother Nature throws at them, and nothing stands between them and delicious grilled sausages.

In the summer months, BBQs are all the rage. There is nothing better than when the suns shining down on you and your friends while you’re all having great food.

But, cookouts can be a source of distress as well as fun. Improperly handling a BBQ, or any cooking appliance for that matter can lead to potentially dire consequences.

Whether you are overwhelmed by the number of guests, or not having extinguishers on hand, a BBQ grill is one of the likeliest causes of fire. There are numerous ways to prevent this through simple steps to BBQ safety for you and your loved ones.

Firescape have pulled the best of them here in our BBQ fire safety checklist.

General BBQ Safety Tips

Make Sure your BBQ is Clean

Let’s start with the basics; most BBQ fires are caused by built-up grease from repeated use. When you don’t thoroughly clean your BBQ, that grease sticks until the next use and if this continues, the risk rises exponentially. Scraping your cooking grids and polishing your drip pan until it’s spotless will help prevent this, so prep the BBQ before you start grilling. Ironically, a little elbow grease is probably the perfect solution.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

When it comes to setting up your BBQ safely, positioning is everything. You need to have enough room to work, but also be aware of the potential fire hazards. If there is foliage, tall grass or other naturally flammable material nearby that can catch alight quickly, it’s best not to set up there.  

Don’t Host Activities Next to the BBQ

We get it, they are social occasions and you want to have the best time possible. However, whether it’s a game of twister or a particularly competitive game of hide-and-seek, it can quickly turn into a horror show if the barbeque itself gets knocked over.

You need to leave space around your cooking area and it is a good idea to have a designated zone away from the ‘common areas’ of the yard.

Do Not Leave It Unattended

This should be common sense, but leaving your BBQ unattended even for a few seconds can put you and your family at risk. Don’t let yourself become distracted by your guests; whatever it is can wait and won’t be worth the devastation if there is an incident.  

Dispose of the Waste Correctly

You have to wait for the ashes to cool before emptying them; if they are still extremely hot, they could ignite.

NEVER DISPOSE OF HOT COALS INTO A BIN! Once cooled, dispose of them directly into your wheelie bin, or a metal one at least, as a normal plastic bin will most likely melt.

Gas BBQs

When using a gas BBQ, more problems can crop up because you’re using a very flammable product. Where and how you store this is incredibly important and not just for when you are actively using it.

Since direct sunlight or low temperatures impact canisters, keep your cylinders is away from the elements,

You might think that it’s fine to pop them in an airing cupboard or under the stairs, but it is a terrible idea.

Gas cylinders can be extremely volatile, so if you add them to a house fire, you end up with a recipe for disaster.

Constant maintenance is needed as gas fires can be more severe than those that come from built-up grease.

You need to pay extra attention when setting it up and do the same when packing it away. You should change the cylinders in the open air or a well-ventilated room at the very least, and always make sure the tap is turned off before you do.

Turn off the gas before the BBQ too, so that there isn’t any lingering about. Be on the lookout for leaks as well, do this by rubbing soapy water on the pipes to see if any bubbles appear.

Use LifeSafe

If one does break out though, you need to remain calm and approach the problem.

For large fires, always wait for the emergency services to handle them, but small ones can be contained and controlled. While conventional extinguishing solutions are certainly useful in these situations, they can be cumbersome and difficult to use.

You need to be as quick as possible in the event of a BBQ fire, so why take the chance? You want the easiest to use, yet effective method available, and LifeSafe can offer just the thing.

Stay Safe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher is the UK’s smallest aerosol extinguisher, containing just 200ml of liquid and tackles fires in mere moments.

Its small size means that you can take it practically anywhere, including parks, fields and gardens. You don’t have to worry about leaving the site of the fire in search of an extinguisher.

Additionally, Stay Safe utilises LifeSafe's patented formula which leaves behind no toxic residue after use. It is the eco-friendliest option available on the market.